How to make 2D rendering faster with Pixi.js

With Mat Groves, Creator of Pixi.js

Thursday, September 1

11 30 AM - 12 30 PM (PDT)


is better?

Pixi.js is a rendering library that will allow you to create rich, interactive graphics, cross platform applications, and games without having to dive into the WebGL API or deal with browser and device compatibility.

Create your graphics, apps and games faster

Mat Groves is a London-based creative developer who has been doing the digital rounds for nearly 10 years. Co-founder and technical partner of Goodboy Digital, Mat loves to code all things visual. Formally a Flash/Objective C developer, Mat migrated into the world of HTML5 having seen how awesome and capable it had become. 

What is he going to talk about?

Ask the Creator in real-time

  • Overview of Pixi.js
  • Functionality of Pixi.js
  • New features of Pixi.js V4 and how it works
  • How Pixi.js has been used on cool projects

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